Monday, 8 July 2013

Deep Shock (2014) - Horror Film News

Davide Melini (director of The Puzzle and The Sweet Hand of the White Rose short horrors) is currently working on a new film titled Deep Shock. Davide wants his film to be a homage to the Italian giallo genre created by Mario Bava that is a crime mystery usually revolving around a mysterious black gloved killer using elements of horror and eroticism. I have read lots about the giallo genre thanks to British horror magazine The Dark Side but never actually seen any.

The plot as described by Melini is of a girl called Sarah who is unable to get over the deaths of her Grandad and sister. As a result of her grief she embarks on a journey of apparitions and murder apparently caused by her mind.

The short film began pre-production back in November last year and is hoped to be finished for 2014 with a trailer due out any month now. Produced by Davide Melini and Fabel Aguilera. I really enjoyed The Puzzle so do hope this turns out to be another great short film and maybe a perfect introduction to the giallo genre.

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