Sunday, 2 June 2013

Keep Calm and Kill Zombies Mug

You know what? I have been really lazy this week with my blog updates. I have so much stuff people want me to talk about on this site of mine and instead I am using the excuse of my day job taking all my energy! Not good enough. Anyway, to finish the week on a high here is another quick post...

A fellow survivor I know braved the apocalyptic streets to deliver this belated birthday gift to me. A mug with the wise words 'Keep Calm and Kill Zombies' which anyone with eyes would already have read. The 'Keep Calm and...' products have become popular here in Britain, I approve of the zombie spin off merchandise. There shouldn't actually be blood on the mug, that was a desperate attack on a weak headed ghoul that caused that...the Rotting Zombie HQ defences are not that tight!

Good for drinking tea from; love me my tea.

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