Monday, 8 April 2013

Beautiful People - Horror Film News

Beautiful People is a new horror film due for release in 2014 by Italian based picture company Doghouse Productions. It is currently in pre-production and features a screenplay by Andrea Cavaletto (Hidden in the Woods) and SFX by David Bracci (Eaters-Zombie Massacre).

The synopsis is actually different to what occurs in the teaser trailer so I have pieced together my own interpretation. A scientist and his family live in a mansion out in the woods. Their peaceful existence is shattered when the house comes under attack from 3 masked intruders. Now I think that unknown to the scientists family he has a secret lab under the house where tests on zombies take place and that in the intrusion these monsters are accidentally released.

Sounds kind of interesting, the trailer certainly was cool I thought. Anyway I shall put the trailer below for you to make up your own mind on Beautiful People (impossible to read that without thinking of the Marilyn Manson song!).

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