Thursday, 7 March 2013

Z (2012) - Zombie Horror Film News

Now over here in the UK Amazon doesn't have an instant video service. It seems to be a place on the site where you are able to purchase films to watch online. I heard word that there is an indie film now available on Instant Video titled 'Z'. It actually came out last August so kind of behind with this one! I really know nothing about this one so I will leave it up to the blurb I received:

"This cool indie film features a group of strangers who flee an ominous storm and the undead creatures it unleashes to a deserted island...or is it a trap?

Lots of young, sexy actors and actresses, and fun thrills in an action-filled plot with old school zombies who hunt by sound and scent."

The film is by Tempest Entertainment clocking in at 1 hour 23 minutes. It currently has an average rating of 2/5 on Amazon so may well be one to avoid but having seen nothing of it myself who knows? Still it is just $1.99 to rent for 7 days so if you are after another zombie film to watch check it out.

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Feed The Zombie Children said...

Sorry you can't enjoy Amazon Prime yet. It's an amazing way to watch really terrible movies for free. I'm wasting so many hours on it...