Saturday, 9 March 2013

Home Sweet Zombie - Google Maps zombie invasion Advert seems to love zombies for some reason, last year I did a blog post about one such zombie themed advert (can't locate my post on it though!), now I have seen another one they have done which is actually real fun.

After entering your surname and your street address you get to watch a little mini movie of cartoon zombies advancing on your street via the use of images from Google Maps. It was quite cool seeing the undead descending on my house (though my house could not be seen they were congregating several doors down). They then explode with a message saying if you want home insurance then check out the site.

If you want something to smile at then head on over to Home Sweet Zombie at and put in your address, is short and funny. I really don't mind adverts when they are this darn inventive!

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