Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Creepy Cola - Horror Themed Fizzy Drink Review

I am back! After a pleasant week and a half holiday from my blog I am energised and ready to blog like I have never blogged before (ok, so it wasn't actually a holiday per se, more a forgetting to pay my Internet bill type of thing).

Another Halloween inspired re-design for an everyday product. After the all too real horrors of Spooky Singles I once again headed into the breach and gave this drink a go to see if it is also scary.

I was brought up on sugar free drinks, so to this day cannot abide drinks with sugar in them. This drink is crammed full of sugar, I had it about two hours ago but my teeth are still aching from being coated in the liquid. Barr drinks are corner shop mana at affordable prices, but just too damn sweet! I think it actually made me more thirsty.

So to sum up; Not creepy, the price isn't spooky good value and unless something weird snaps in my brain pan I shall not be having nightmares about this drink tonight.


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