Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Zombie Revolution - London Zombie Event on 27th October 2012

This is actually a charity event so I can't really speak ill of it. On the 27th October 7pm till 9pm there is going to be a zombie walk in London in aid of St John's Ambulance. Everyone participating will be given an MP3 that will play out a story as well as give instructions for the zombie horde to follow such as zombie zumba, and zombie conga. They are hoping to get over 1000 participants which should make quite a good zombie horde.

Tickets cost from £5 to £25 and includes the MP3 download as well as a weekly email. It's all for charity and you might be in need of St John's Ambulance come apocalypse if you accidentally hammer a rusty nail through your hand while making barricades. More details can be found at Zombie Revolution.

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