Thursday, 11 October 2012

Zombie Invasion - A Zombie Heat Map for Britain

With Halloween fast approaching (my favourite holiday of course!) things have become more busy at The Rotting Zombie HQ. I recently had the website brought to my attention, it is a heat map of Great Britain showing how the outbreak of zombies is progressing. At first panicked and flustered I lurched out into the street, broken foot dragging behind me, ready to join the hordes which the map indicated were in my area.

A few hours later tired, downbeat, my left arm long since bitten off my a rabid dog, I headed home where I re-read the email I had received and discovered the heat map was actually based on sales of zombie accessories and costumes from a fancy dress website '' over a 3 year period and not on data relating to an actual outbreak.

The website is quite bare bones, just the heat map and a few newbie tips for dealing with zombies but is clever in how it was created. If a zombie outbreak ever does occur I will expect the heat map will be adapted to show the actual spread of the zom-pocalypse. Sites like these are part of the reason I love Halloween! And if this map was real then Wales seems a good place to head to evade the undead.

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