Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Holidays with the Living Dead - Zombie Holiday Hotspots

I do not know why but there seems to be a load of zombie stuff around, maybe just because of the time of year.. First a building company had a zombie article, and then a loan comparison site, and now I am pulled to a holiday site (Cosmos Holidays) where there is an article on the different types of zombies you can expect to see around the world come zombie apocalypse.

Each short section has a funny photo of a tourist hotspot with added zombie, such as a Mummy in Eqypt, and a zombified Santas in Lapland with some advice on how best to avoid being bitten. The article really is worth a read, it's short and full of pictures. So follow this link here if you want to see some cool looking photos and read some safety tips that could well be wrong come the apocalypse (or right, who knows)!

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