Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Evil Dead (2013) - Horror Film Trailer

The Evil Dead trilogy is an amazing thing, Evil Dead is one of my top 10 favourite horrors of all time. I had heard there was a remake in the process (as they seem to be remaking every single horror film ever nowadays) and today saw the trailer for it. Technically this is the 2nd remake as Evil Dead 2 was a reinvention of 1. The film looks to be ultra gory with far more realistic effects used. The original had zero budget and it really showed but the film still managed to be genuinely creepy, making it a classic horror film.

A lack of Bruce Campbell (though he is a Producer), and a lack of humour is not necessarily a bad thing for this reboot, the original film was played mostly straight anyway. The story had continued in games and comics and these continuations were for the most part not actually any good (the Marvel Zombies VS Army of Darkness graphic novel is a must read though). This trailer has gotten me interested, at the very worst I hope it draws people who have not seen the classic trilogy into doing so.

I really must get around to reviewing them on my blog, a stupid oversight on my part. Anyway check out the bloody trailer below.


Jamie Gibbs said...

I can't wait for this! I really hope that our lord and master Bruce The Chin makes an appearance, even a brief one. It's a little bit of a shame that it's not as tongue in cheek as the original, but it looks awesome!


Unknown said...

Man, as much as I want to say that this looks genuinely intense and scary, the purist in me wants to dismiss it as being a terrible exploitation of the original movie. I love the Evil Dead franchise particularly because of its addition of humor to the often absurd moments of terror. Who knows though it may turn out to be a great transition for the franchise...we can all hope at least.

Daniel Simmonds said...

The originals will always be there, while the amount of remakes nowadays are dizzying the trailer has allayed my fears a bit, it at least looks well made, and nice levels of gore.

I agree, I so hope Campbell makes a cameo :)