Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Zombie Tarot Cards - Review

I don't put much stock in the mystical arts, I wish they were real! I have dabbled with Tarot cards before, they are very good for getting your brain to really think about a situation in your own life and analyse it. What about after a zombie apocalypse though? Normal Tarot cards will not cut it, thankfully there are zombie tarot cards that exist. These beautiful cards give you advice tailored to a post apocalyptic world.

First of all the presentation of the thing. The cards come in a large cardboard box designed to look like a case of ammunition rounds. There is a fantastic 1950's art style vibe to the whole deal, reminded me a lot of the Fallout videogame aesthetic. Inside the box you have a faux velvet compartment in which the large cards rest. A 96 page instruction manual is contained which tells you how to use the cards. What is so delightful is how the normal tarot cards have been altered to relate to post apocalyptic Earth. The instructions start off: 'In the event of a zombie attack! Get to a secure location, open this box, and consult the Zombie Tarot'. The instructions are real tarot instructions with cards relating to the normal meanings but with a zombie twist.

There are 78 high quality cards that are thick, large and in full colour, comprising the decks of Cups (represented by a skull with the top cut off showing the brain), Wands (represented by crossed bones), Swords (two crossed machetes) and Hazards (a bio-hazard symbol). Each card has a wonderful zombie twist. For instance the card The Fool depicts a smiling man walking to a grave where a hand has burst out the earth while The Sun is depicted as a helicopter fleeing a zombie infested City. Most the cards are humorous but when it comes down to it this is still a legitimate Tarot deck.

I have found this to be a wonderful discussion piece, I have shown it to every single person who has came into my home in the last month or so I have owned it. It looks good as a display item as well happily resting next to my videogame figures.

Zombie Tarot is by Quirk books and can be purchased for £10.99. If you want something different then I would heartedly recommend this. I know I have come across as very enthusiastic but I really was not expecting such a high quality product when I got this truth be told.


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