Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Zombie Attack Infograph

My god Microsoft Paint is a god awful tool to use if you want to split an info-graph up into segments. Ok it is quite terrible for anything, that's what I get for being cheap, After much swearing I have split up this awesome info-graph into viewable chunks.

The Zombie Attack info-graph appears to have a sinister motive of advertising buyagift but having checked out the site it has some ultra cool things on there, in particular the array of zombie events you can purchase (here!). I had heard of zombie training packages but only knew about the one set in a shopping centre.

The chart below is useful for all you people unprepared for the threat of zombies, and is nice and colourful to boot. If after reading it you still feel you need training (and have a chunk of cash) then head to buyagift and book your self in for some real life training. We all know the zombie apocalypse is just round the corner...

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