Monday, 23 July 2012

Zombie Latex Make-up Kit - Zombie Face Make-up Review

For someone who can't stand to be dirty or unclean I jumped at the chance to review this zombie makeup kit all too soon not realising it would involve covering my poor face in latex, fake blood and grease paint. Still it is done now, and all in the name of this blog of mine.

The kit contains everything you need to make yourself look like a zombie (or a bloody commando in my case) and it is an easy zombie makeup kit to use. I have never applied makeup to myself being the strong manly man I am but found it surprisingly easy. The kit contains literal heaps of fake blood, 2 sponges, a brush, and a makeup crayon as well as some green flesh, black, green, brown, and grey greasepaints, and some liquid latex.

The back of the packet contains instructions on how to apply it, but I pretty much free styled after a while coming up with the look which while you would agree looks nothing like that on the website, I had fun applying it (in a way) and found it all simple to use. It would be ideal for use at Halloween, maybe with zombie costumes (can you tell I got this to review on certain conditions?).

The makeup costs £5.49 and can be found with the good guys at Joker's Masquerade (who mainly deal with  fancy dress costumes).  On an end note the makeup is an utter nightmare to remove, but that is true of all these type of things. Looking to make yourself into a zombie and want to look better than just a rubber mask look no further than here as despite my troubles with it, it is very easy to use and in the hands of anyone remotely used to makeup would be an awesome addition to your zombie costume! You really do get a lot of stuff for your money it has to be said. It must be also said that the Joker's Masquerade site is legitimately a great site to check out if your after any type of costume, there is so much stuff on there.


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Zombie Apocalypse said...

i'm so buying that makeup kit lol