Thursday, 26 July 2012

Exmortis - Horror Videogame Review (PC)

Another day and another terrible free to play horror point and click, this time Exmortis found on Newgrounds. I found these free to play horrors via a Youtube video of the (apparently) most scary free to play games. If these are the cream of the crop the free to play horror genre is in a very bad shape.

You wake up in a forest, seeing a house you head towards it. Inside you discover you are trapped, you must explore the small house to find out a way to leave.

This is a much better game than The House as it is actually a game, not a series of clicking rooms. You can explore the house and look for clues such as diaries and symbols. What completely and utterly ruins this game is how dark it is, it is literally impossible to see over 60% of the game, I had to resort to a guide just to find out where doors are. I have no idea why it is so dark, it doesn't make it scarier, it just makes it intensely frustrating not being able to see anything much at all.

I had no fun with this, maybe if I could actually see anything it might have made a better impression on me. Not scary, just irritating, had good intro credits and sound effects at least.

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