Thursday, 5 July 2012

Evil Quest - Fantasy Videogame Review (X-Box Live Indie)

Evil Quest is a low budget RPG from Chaosoft Games, I found it in the murky depths of the X-Box Live Indie Channel for the cheap cheap price of 80 Microsoft points (around £1). In a refreshing change you play as the games bad guy, with your goal to destroy the world rather than save it.

Galvis is the dark ruler of an evil army who has conquered nearly all the lands.  During a key battle with the Kings forces his lieutenant betrays him leading to him being captured.  With his army destroyed and his armour and weapons taken away from him he is chucked into a cell to wait out the rest of his days.  A young soldier looking to get revenge for his family's death at Galvis's hand results in him escaping from his cell. Fuelled by the legend of a God killing weapon known as the Chaos Axe Galvis sets out to find it so that he can destroy the world that he is so bitter and hateful at.

Evil Quest is a retro adventure game that takes place in a fantasy land full of monsters. As Galvis you can visit villages to buy items and learn about the locations of dungeons, typical stuff apart from the fact everyone knows you are evil. Frequently amusing dialogue will lead to Galvis just straight up murdering people. There is quite a bit of funny dialogue with his hatred of everyone.  As you progress you get better weapons and armour and level up by defeating enemies. It really is not a hard game but it is fun, and the twist of you being the bad guy is kinda cool.

There are a lot of boss battles against usually giant foes, such as a Salamander posing as a Volcano God, an ice giant, even an automaton appears as the Lightning Shrine boss. Levels are maze like, off route paths giving you chests full of items, money and better equipment.  Evil Quest lasted around 2 and a half hours (around the same length as my Silent Hill Downpour third go took) and was fun all throughout with only one frustrating moment (a particularly hard boss). The game is cheap enough that if your in to retro style RPGs there is no excuse not to get this!


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