Sunday, 20 May 2012

Zombie Parkour - Zombie Short Film

I am going through the back log of posts I need to do and come across one requesting help to raise funds to finance Zombie Parkour 2.  The first zombie parkour film can be viewed below, basically it is that French created activity of free running through urban areas, but with added zombies.

In a City over run by the walking dead (well sprinting dead) 3 parkour enthusiasts are all that remains of humanity.  The film follows these 3 as they try and out run the hordes using their skills of jumping on objects and swinging.  Needless to say things don't really end well for any of the trio.

I like parkour when it is done well, and can be quite amusing when it goes badly, but all in all it is a bit of a show off activity and truth be told not that much use in a zombie outbreak.  There are plenty of swinging and jumping but sometimes seems to be a bit forced, such as running up a flight of stairs and jumping off a balcony when simply keeping on running would have been more efficient. Still there are some nice sequences, one where a guy swings over the head of a charging zombie was quite cool.

The producer Bo Katzakian is currently raising funds to create Zombie Parkour part 2, he is looking for people to donate as little as $1, but with only 8 days left, and just $805 raised out of a needed $25,000 it is not looking promising. By all means go to his indiegogo page and donate if you so wish, hell maybe one of you are rich and can stump up the mega bucks needed.

Meanwhile do check out Zombie Parkour below, it is not bad.

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