Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto - Horror Film Review

I have said before that Rob Zombie is my favourite director. Seeing an animated film based on his comic book series I quickly snapped it up.  Written and directed by Rob Zombie I expected another masterpiece.

The film takes place in a weird world in which monsters co exist with humans.  Beasto (a famous masked wrestler super hero) witnesses a stripper Velvet Von Black being kidnapped by a henchman (henchgorrila) of bad guy Dr Satan who will get demonic powers if he marries Black.  Beasto and his sister Suzi X (voiced by Sheri Moon Zombie) head off to foil Dr Satan's plan.

This is one terrible film! The jokes all fall flat, as in all of them, there are many references to horror films (Jack from the Shining, Michael Myers from Halloween, and the main trio from The Devil Rejects (the highlights) all make appearances as do many other horror villains.  Further nods can be seen on some scenes which are homages to classics, such as a recreation of the famous party scene from Carrie. The humour is really terrible, It is almost embarrassing how funny the film thinks it is being.

A sub plot involves a horde of biker Nazi Zombies who show up many times throughout the film, there are thousands of zombies but even these cannot save the film.  Plenty of violence, and lots of nudity (especially breasts which nearly all the female characters get out at one point or another).  Musical numbers break up the monotony which would be good if not for the fact that every single song in the film is utterly terrible.

I suffered watching this rubbish, and I was so glad when it finally ended.  The film is a waste of space really, one to avoid.  A sad day for Rob Zombie, his awesome record is broken with this giant miss.


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