Thursday, 5 April 2012

General Update - Zombie Car Sticker

My first post in a long, long time, been off doing real life things. My blog is being copied so if there isn't the Rotting Zombie banner at the top of this page then your most likely looking at a spam site! I am in the process of getting the site banned so hopefully the scummy stealer's wont be stealing my work for much longer.

For my new post I thought I would do something simple.  So here is the back of my car (with my rotting cadaver reflected in the window).  A cool warning sticker I got last Birthday for my emergency vehicle to make it more official.

I have been sent a load of books to read for various people, so if your one of those patiently waiting for a review I will get around to it eventually. So all in all a bit of a general update, going old school.  Now I have joined the modern world and have a phone with a camera expect more pictures than you have so far been treated to.

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