Friday, 20 January 2012

*Breaking News* Resident Evil 6 Revealed

Ok, so not exactly breaking news as it was announced a day or so ago but if your looking to me for real breaking news then there's something wrong with you!

So Resident Evil 6 has been announced.  Set in the Town of Tall Oaks another Raccoon Incident has happened with the whole Town being over run by the zombie plague.  Firstly the good news.

The game looks amazing, really gritty, and violent and best of all zombies return!  I liked the Ganando of Resident Evil 4 but by 5 I was yearning for the traditional zombies again and they are here by the bucket load!  The game seems to be set at night which is again a welcome return to form I must say.  Returning are Leon Kennedy (seen in the trailer killing a zombiefied President), Chris Redfield (still with arms the size of tree trunks), as well as the Presidents daughter Ashley Graham, and Leon's aide.

Onto the badness, the game again seems inclined to partner people up making me worry that the same terrible problems that plagued Resident Evil 5 (utterly incompetent A.I, and boss battles designed for 2 players) will rear their ugly heads again here.  There is a reason I have only ever played Resident Evil 5 once, and that I have not even played some of the DLC due to the nightmare the computer controlled companion is.

Still all in all exciting news.  See the trailer...

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