Saturday, 24 December 2011

Top 5 Christmas Horrors

I was sure I had done such a list before, but no, apparently not.  As I have been neglecting my blog so much lately I have not actually got around to watching any Christmas horrors for review.  Instead here is my list of the very best Christmas horrors I can think of. (A prize to anyone who can find my Christmas list as I am getting a very high feeling of deja vu).

5.  Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman

The first Jack Frost (lower on my list) was a funny slasher centred around Christmas.  The sequel obviously has a much lower budget, and a far more stupid story.  The Snowman believed dead has returned but this time he is stalking his victims at a tropical holiday resort.  Leads to issues of melting, and the appearance of little critter style evil snowballs.  Not very good, and the humour falls flat.

4. Black Christmas

One of the very first slasher films, predating John Carpenters Halloween this centred around a house where an unknown assailant picked off his victims.  The scenes with the killer are mostly filmed from his perspective which while a novel idea is kinda boring.  Not much happens in the film truth be told.  The film was remade a few years back but is not supposed to be good at all.

3. Jack Frost

From memory this film is about a convicted criminal who escapes from his prison van during transportation but gets in an accident with toxic waste and becomes a living snowman.  He stalks the inhabitants of a sleepy remote American town killing them in Christmas themed ways while wise cracking (I seem to remember one victim was killed by a deadly candy cane while someone else was strangled with Christmas lights).  I found this film quite entertaining.

2. Gremlins

Before the comedy Gremlins 2 came the more serious Gremlins (with a streak of black humour).  Everyone knows this film; A cute creature (a Mogwai called Gizmo) is brought by an inventor for his son Billy. After breaking the rules for looking after a Mogwai the town is over run by vicious and cruel Gremlins who delight in mayhem and murder.  A great scene with an old woman and her (Gremlin engineered) malfunctioning stair lift.

1. Home Alone

A young child (Macaulay Culkin) is accidentally left at home when his family go off on holiday for Christmas.  Kevin; the young boy learns of a plot by two dangerous (but dim witted) robbers to burgle his house.  With no one to turn to Kevin must defend his house the only way he knows how; by mutilation, torture and pain.  His house is turned into a house of tricks and traps and the two thieves are left near dead after the worst night of their lives.

So there you are, hope you all have a very scary, nightmare fuelled Christmas, and a terrifying New Year!

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