Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Year After Infection - Zombie Film News

I heard tell of an interesting film currently being made by Vertice Films.  Interesting for one because it has zombies in it (always a good thing) but also because the film really does sound genuinly interesting.

The Year after Infection is a compilation of four different stories told over the course of a year (the year following zombie apocalypse).  Each of the four stories takes place during a different season.  Thats about all I know.  The trailer is ok but seems to lack much zombie action and focus The Walking Dead style more on the survivors then the undead. I will certainly be keeping an eye on this though.  See what you think...

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Paul B said...

I actually thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Unlike so many zombie flicks, it held my interest the entire way through. What it lacks in Hollywood gloss and professionalism, it makes up with in strong characterizations and an intriguing storyline.