Thursday, 10 November 2011

Famous for Dying by The Active Set - Music Video featuring zombies

This is the second time today I have written this post as Blogspot is junk and frequently breaks down.  Sigh, here I go again, sorry if my enthusiasm seems muted.

I had never heard of The Active Set prior being sent a link to their video for song Famous for Dying.  They are not really my thing, their music sounds a little like Interpol but I don't really like the vocal style.  The song starts off like most other music videos, the band playing their song.  This is interrupted when a group of zombies turn up and after a brief battle rip the band to pieces, for the final two thirds of the song the zombies sit around eating the band members in a moment similar to that in classic Night of the Living Dead.

The special effects are bad in a fun way, and there is a cool moment when the bands drummer sticks his drum stick into a zombies eye socket.

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