Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Zombies appear in the medical drama House

I have recently become a fan of House; a medical drama set in America starring the ace Hugh Laurie (of Blackadder fame).  Watching an odd episode the other day I was quite surprised to see the inclusion of a dream sequence in which House is attacked by his former colleagues, now zombified!

The episode if anyone is interested is Episode 15 of Season 7, a weird episode in that there are lots of comedy dream sequences including a musical number, sitcom styled one, as well as the already mentioned zombie nightmare.  House is in an abandoned part of the Hospital he works in looking for his girlfriend.  Suddenly he becomes under attack by a zombie.  House presses a button that makes a blade appear on his walking stick and lops off the zombies head. Hearing more groans House attaches part of a gun to his walking stick turning it into a shotgun walking stick.  Holding it like a gun he takes out several zombie ex-work mates.  Hearing his girlfriend scream again he charges into a room to find his wife being eaten alive by zombies...then he wakes up.

Of course you could just watch the scene for yourselves, I have just located a clip of it from You Tube...

The episode was a strange one, but the inclusion of a random zombie nightmare made it just that little bit better.  House is cool, it is nice to see that he could hold his own in the event of a zombie apocalypse!

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