Sunday, 29 May 2011

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse - Zombie Poster

My girlfriend brought me a cool zombie poster quite a while ago now, the poster rather than just have a picture actually offers advice in case of zombie apocalypse.

The first section of the poster is guide lines on what to do, this includes such useful tips as preparing for an apocalypse by watching zombie films, and keeping a sense of humour.  This is followed by a what not to do section, again quite useful with tips such as 'don't impersonate zombies' to assuming a zombie is dead when it has been beaten.

The next section of the poster is an explanation of what a zombie is, the usual information is contained here as well as a flow chart to follow to recognise if the zombie is actually a zombie or just something else (such as a teenager).

The last section of the poster deals with the important info of how to kill a zombie.  It gives the usual weapons such as guns and blades and then details weapons that shouldn't be used such as a cat, a fly swatter, and a toilet roll.

The poster gives basic information, but due to its large size is a useful quick thing to look at if you want to refresh your knowledge at any time.

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