Sunday, 15 May 2011

Blogger issues - May 2011

Hey there, just a quick update to say that thanks to the clowns at Blogger a days worth of blogs were deleted off of Blogspot last week.  I like many others have suffered, we are told all posts deleted will be back again, but then the staff at Blogger later went on to declare that all missing posts are now all back (when that obviously is not the case).

Hopefully my missing posts will show up soon, but in the meantime I want to wait and see before committing to doing any new posts.  I know I shouldn't complain as Blogspot is free but it is still frustrating to be told everything has been fixed when that just isn't the case.

Thanks for your patience and hopefully I will be back to posting soon!


Anonymous said...

I feel for you. Thankfully I hadn't posted anything the day of the Great Blogger Crash of 2011, so I didn't lose any posts. I did, however, lose a great number of comments that people had left at my blog...and those are yet to be restored. I'm pretty sure they never will be.

As a safety precaution for just such an event, I have always had it set up so that Blogger e-mails me a copy of each post that I make. That way, even if a post is lost, I can still copy and paste it from the e-mail copy into blogger to repair any damage.


Daniel Simmonds said...

That is actually wise advice, I think I will do the same for next time this happens. Luckily my posts finally arrived back, it's just shaken my faith in Blogger a bit