Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My Nightmare Dream thing of 24th November

I had quite a weird dream last night (well sometime early this morning).  Despite thinking at the time it was all normal it does sound kinda freaky describing it.

In my dream I had a foetus of a human girl.  It was alive and well despite being only half formed.  It had not all it's skin so its ribcage was showing, and its little internal organs were visible behind the ribcage working away, like titchy little paper bag lungs and stuff.  I knew it was a female despite it being sexless.  All its flesh looked like the meat you get on gnawed chicken bones, but reddish.

I was keeping the foetus in a plastic house in my Hamsters cage.  My Hamster was also in the cage in its own house, but kept going into the foetus's house and cuddling up with it.  I was worried it might try and eat the foetus or attack it, but it didn't at all.

Despite the condition of the foetus it was healthy, and was slowly being formed, spending its whole time asleep.  I felt a lot of love for the foetus, but thought of it as more of a pet than a human.

The dream sounds really messed up and icky, but it was a nice dream, not at all scary or creepy.

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