Tuesday, 19 October 2010

General update for October - Halloween is coming!

Another month, and I am around 3 weeks from being jobless.  On the bright side I will be able to work on my blog more (much much more).  Halloween at the end of the month, which is my favourite celebration of the year! I plan to do a blog post on the top 5 (or maybe 10) Halloween films to watch at that time.  Also I plan to do a blog post on the Northampton Roadmenders (a nightclub) Halloween party that is being done by Dean Boor of Shock Horror magazine fame.

Now I don't know if you know this, but the UK Supermarket Tesco usually has a wonderful collection of Halloween themed items.  They have everything from skull shaped candles to masks, laughing skulls, fake body parts, sweets, and fake weapons.  The best day to get any of this stuff is the day after Halloween as it all goes immediately to half price.  My house is full of this stuff, I pick up a bunch every year (though 2009 was a poor year for them).

In film news; at the moment, or maybe just gone there were a few horror films at the Cinema.  Devil (which I recently reviewed), as well as Buried have just stopped being shown.  Later this month the next and apparent final installment in the Saw franchise is to be shown, titled Saw 3D.  Look forward to that one!

In game news.  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was recently released.  It does not feel like a Castlevania game, being a God of War clone, but the music is very epic, and it looks amazing.  The demo is available on Playstation 3, and X-Box 360, and mainly sees you as a Vampire hunter (voiced by the bloke from 28 Weeks Later) fighting Werewolves in a forest.  Costume Party is out around Halloween time.  The game is a downloadable role playing game (RPG) by Tim Shafer that sees you as 3 children on Halloween night fighting monsters.  Should be really good.  This Friday (the 22nd) sees the release of Fallout: New Vegas which is the latest entry in the fantastic Post Apocalyptic RPG series.  Expect plenty of mutants, ghouls, bandits, and crazed wildlife to fight!  Dead Space: Ignition was recently released on X-Box Live Arcade, and Playstation Network.  This is a prequel to the forth coming Dead Space 2, and is set as a (slightly) interactive comic.  Not supposed to be great, but I expect plenty of Necromorph violence to be shown.

In non Horror news.  Sonic 4 Episode 1 is out.  It has been a long 16 year wait between Sonic 3 and 4 but is kinda worth it.  The game is super fun, and has amazing music.  Only 4 zones, and they are heavily influenced by past Sonic games (respectively Green Hill Zone, Casino Zone, Labyrinth Zone, and Metropolis Zone).  The special stages are very similar to the look of Sonic 1's maze.

I am currently working my way through the excellent Battlestar Gallactica.  BSG is a Sci-fi show about the Human survivors of a robot invasion (the robots being man made machines called Cylons).  Each episode bad stuff seems to happen.  Is very exciting, and thrilling due to the nature of the scary Cylons who appear both in the robotic form ( a cross between Terminators and Nightriders KIT), and also as carbon copy Humans who are able to infiltrate the Humans and cause bad things to happen.  When I have seen the entire 4 or 5 seasons I will do a big blog review of the show.

Happy Halloween everyone, hope it is really scary, and cool for you! Oh yeah, it is Day of the Undead soon, a day of zombie films at some place in Leicester organised by Zombie Ed and the Terror4Fun crew.

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Don't know if you already heard but another great thing about this Halloween is that its the date of the premiere of The Walking Dead tv series. If its half as good as the comic book its gonna be bloody awesome. cheers.