Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Zombie Arena - X-Box 360 Indie Zombie Videogame Review

I didn't buy this game, I only played the demo (gives you around 5 minutes of game play).  I am glad I didn't buy this, as it really is the worst kind of Indie shovel ware crud.

Zombie Arena sees you cast into the role of your X-Box Avatar.  You stand at the edge of a large football pitch style circular arena, in front of you is a small circle of sandbags.  Armed with a bow and arrows you have to survive waves of identical looking zombies as they slowly shamble towards you from a 180 degree radius.  If the zombies get too close to your position they will fling some type of red splodge towards you, get hit 3 times by these jam like projectiles and it's game over.

Zombie Arena looks quite similar in look to the train wreck that was Crazy Ride with Zombies, and this was my first warning sign that the game was going to be dross.  Your Avatar stands in the centre of the screen looking onto a circular pitch, complete with digitised looking ruins in the distance.  There is only one type of zombie, the only difference between them all is that some are small while others are tall.

To fire the bow you have to adjust accordingly to get the arrows arc right.  You have infinite arrows, but also have special power ups that are limited.  These power ups include exploding arrows, and flaming arrows.  The game has two modes; wave mode which sees you surviving for a specific amount of time against the shambling horrors, while Survival mode sees you just surviving as long as possible.  The game has a really chirpy, annoying tune which just does not fit the game at all, and is almost distractingly wrong.

The game is only 80 Microsoft points, but it is really boring, and no fun, just do not buy this.  Yet another fantastic piece of Indie shovel ware junk.  Avoid.


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