Thursday, 12 August 2010

Now I have Ratings! (An explanation of The Rotting Zombie new review system)

I have decided to copy Joystiq and start having ratings on my reviews.  I am giving my site a general clean up at the moment anyway, now that I have discovered Spellcheck!

From now on (and eventually retroactively added) all reviews will have a mark out of Five. Here is my explanation of the ratings...

One Rotting Zombie head equates to a terrible terrible thing.  A film, videogame, book or otherwise that literally makes my eyes bleed like someone out of City of the Living Dead!

Two Rotting Zombie heads means the product is worse than average, something which may possibly had a few positives, but for the most part awful.  Much like eating an ice cream that you have had a nose bleed on.

Three Rotting Zombie heads will be awarded for a game, film etc that is neither good or bad, something that has just as many faults as it does good points, much like me!

Four Rotting Zombie heads is for something that I feel is above average, and was quite cool, but held back by a few niggly faults.  Think a Zombie Apocalypse; lots of good points, but some negative (such as loved ones turning into the undead).

Five Rotting Zombie heads is for the best of the best.  Amazing things that bring joy, wonder, amazement, and will shape the World and influence it for Centuries to come. (Hence the smiles)

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