Saturday, 7 August 2010

Dr Dale's Zombie Dictionary: The A-Z Guide to Staying Alive - Horror Book Review

I was sent an advance copy by Dr Dale of his Zombie Dictionary.  Being the ultra lazy person I am, I somehow managed to not get around to reviewing it until now when the book has been out in shops for a week or so.  I will even admit I STILL have not finished reading it.  I blame this on my really uncomfortable wooden chair I sit at my PC with.

Years ago Max Brooks released his Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide.  The book was a serious discussion on how best to survive a zombie apocalypse.  The book suffered in places as it was aimed at Americans, so much of his recommended tips didn't, or couldn't apply to us here in Blighty.  Dr Dale's survival A-Z is a much more universal guide.  The book is not at all serious, following the style of his Podcasts, and Shows, yet underneath all the humour there is some damn good tips included which if/when the zombie apocalypse does happen I will be following.

The book is an A-Z, each split appropriately into sections. There are plenty of illustrations (by Jack Knight) dotted throughout the book, bare line pen drawings, but effective, and cool.  The book is very funny, and had me legitimately laughing my head off at several points.  It covers a wide range of subjects under it's alphabetical headings such as how to fight naked zombies, and the best animal to train to help out (Dr Dale recommends the training of sheep!)  Many of the subjects covered are totally bizarre, and weird, the very first subject under 'A' for instance is 'Aardvark' (can be used as a charm to pass through walls, or can be frozen and used as a bludgeoning weapon, heh).  This silliness repeats itself throughout the book, but sometimes there is method to the madness.  Dr Dale's logical assessment of the usage of Giraffes during the apocalypse is both hilarious, and pure genius.

The book is very easy reading, and it's small topics make bite size reading really easy here.  Due to the bullet point style of the dictionary it gets very addictive to read, I found on several occasions I lost an hour at work reading entry after entry of the book, unable to stop.

The book is well worth buying, it is both useful, and funny, and is different enough to the other 'serious' survival guides that is defiantly one to pick up.  Recommended!


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