Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Crazy Ride with Zombies (2010) - Zombie Videogame Review (X-Box Indie)

Oh my God, this game is awful!  I fully expected it to be as it's Indie shovel ware crap.  The game is 80 Microsoft points.  It sees your Avatar on a booby trapped roller coaster.

Waking up, you groggily look around.  You discover that you have been strapped to a small roller coaster kart.  Even as you look around the cart begins to move. A tool for rich men's sport; you are on a booby trapped roller coaster on a remote snow capped mountain.  Can you survive the horror and get your revenge?

Ok, so I made up the story, basically the game consists of your Avatar going round a roller coaster with all the usual loops, and spins.  Randomly there will be zombies hanging by their feet on lamp posts over the track. Also boulders, and snowballs will fall onto the track, depleting your energy if hit.  Parts of the track also collapse, so you must jump over gaps.

There are two buttons.  One is punch which needs to be used to destroy zombies, boulders, and snowballs.  The other button is jump that is used to jump over gaps in the track.  There is just the one level, about 5 minutes in length.  You can also play the track at night, or with a fog effect.  The title screen has music, but the game itself is silent save for the noise your punch makes, a wind effect, and the laugh of the zombie if you fail to punch it in time.

The game looks like a Net Yaroze game, the digitised backdrop of the mountains reminded me of the backgrounds in arcade classic Super Pang.  I put on some Send More Paramedics music while playing.  The music fitted the movement of the roller coaster, and made the game a billion times better (so it became merely complete junk, rather than utterly utterly soul destroyingly bad).

This game is terrible, do not buy it what ever you feel!  It is boring, atrocious looking, and just complete junk!


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