Friday, 2 July 2010

Quizocalypse - X-Box 360 Indie Videogame Review

What do you get if you cross Zombies with a Quiz game format?  Do you have a wonderful experience, or something bland, boring, and terrible?  Wolpertinger Games set out to discover the answer.

The game is a Quiz game in which you play as one of 4 different zombies; Lickin' Lou, Zealous Zoe, Billy the Brain, or Friendly Frank.  There are 13 questions (at least in the game I played) that are based on 'Nerdy' topics.  The 13 questions are randomly generated and pull from a database of a few hundred.

First the good.  The game is bright and cartoony and captures the game show vibe well, and the quiz show company has an Umbrella style symbol, and is called the Raincoat Test Facility.  The game is set in a Studio with bright lights, while outside crowds of Zombies swarm against the Studio windows.  The 4 Zombies you can choose to play as are competing for the chance to win Brains rather than money.  The game is 1-4 players.

The game is insanely boring! There is only the one style of round with questions that take a long time to display on screen, and are stupidly easy.  The questions are multiple choice and feature such mind twisters as (to paraphrase) what is the name of the evil man in black in the Star Wars films? Pathetic.  I couldn't even see this being fun in multi player due to the boring questions.  A few hundred sounds a lot, but it would not be long before these began to repeat.

The game is 240 Microsoft Points, 80 Microsoft Points would have been too much.  A hollow, vacant quiz with the Zombie Theme slapped on the top.  Avoid!


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