Saturday, 3 July 2010

Crackdown 2 - Thoughts on the X-Box 360 Demo

Crackdown was a fun open world action game, one of the first open games to really give you the feeling of immense power.  Sure there had been Spiderman 2, and Hulk Rampage (or something) but this was the first next gen version.  Your character could jump gigantic distances, throw cars, and do plenty other super human things.  Apparently Crackdown featured a mission in which you released mutants (known hence forth as zombies) out of a laboratory.  I can't recall this mission, but this action has had dramatic consequences.

The main difference in Crackdown 2 seems to be that once the world turns to night hordes of zombies pour out from underground, and the game turns into an open world zombie apocalypse game.  Which is quite cool.

The demo has a fixed time limit of 30 minutes.  After the first task of securing some landing sites for fellow Agents you are next tasked with setting up a series of beacons with the aim to initiate a sun light beam into the zombies day time lair.  The zombies in this game have a Vampiric reaction to sunlight, it kills them instantly.  The zombies are cool, not strong obviously due to their number.  The end of the mission was a bit irritating though as I was tasked with defending the charging sunlight machine from attacking zombies who were trying to destroy it.  I kept running out of ammo though, but think that's more error on my part than the game.

I am currently playing through Crackdown again, and may well pick Crackdown 2 up if it is any good.  I recommend watching the Crackdown webisodes as they are quite funny, and entertaining and set up the basis for the game, and charts the rise of the zombie threat to the City.

Lastly there are some Crackdown 2 Avatar clothes, one of which is a mutant mask.  I purchased this, the mask totally covers your Avatars head, with eye holes cut into it.

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