Tuesday, 4 May 2010

General Update for May 2010

Hey there, a general update.  I have been real lazy in the last week or so with my updates, but that is to change!

I am currently working my way through Season 2 of the excellent Supernatural.  As soon as I have watched the whole season I will provide my thoughts on it.  Though focusing mostly on Demons and Ghosts there has been one zombie themed episode so far, and is worth watching for any fans of horror.

There is a silly amount of Zombie games on X-Box Indie games now, the latest being Homeslice and the Zombie Bunnies.  Also recently released on there is Decay Part 1 which seems to be a first person adventure horror themed game.  I plan to start reviewing a different Zombie Indie game each day as I am not really watching any films at the mo while going through Supernatural.

Onto the Wii.  I have recently purchased Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles; the sequel to the fab Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.  Darkside features the stories of Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, as well as again featuring some original story lines.  I have been playing the Snes version of Zombies Ate my Neighbours on the Virtual Console for ever now, I keep abandoning it, so need to have a decent stab at it, then I can review that.

I tested out a video on here (that I had accidentally set to Private, doh).  So I hope to experiment some more in the future with that.

There is no horror of note on the horizon at the cinema as far as I can see.  All there is, is the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street.  I know a new Resident Evil film is currently being made, stills from the film show enemy types that appear to be from Resident Evil 5.

Zombie Fest 2010 is coming as ever at the end of August, tickets can be brought from the Terror 4 Fun website (http://www.terror4fun.com/zombie_homepage.html).  I dunno if I will be going this year, as same as last year I have no body to go with unfortunately.

Anyway, that is it, keep on zomming!

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