Monday, 26 April 2010

Zombie T-shirt

I brought some T-shirts from some American site last year.  This shirt (as modelled by a real life zombie) is dark green, with a warning sign.  The sign reads 'in event of zombie attack the wearer of this label is considered zombie friendly, do not eat!' I love the T-shirt, but have not yet put the shirt into practice.  It is generally accepted that zombies are unable to read.

Zombie clothes are many and varied.  As well as generic zombie stuff there are also the licenced ones (such as from Videogames, and Movies) There are stickers, buttons, badges, bags if you know where to look.

Note to self; a easy post, and a lazy one, well done, keep up the average work!


Jeremy [Retro] said...


B'hold Designs said...

That 'American site' was cafepress, and that's my design! Thanks for buying and glad you like it!


Daniel Simmonds said...

Kinda an old post, nice to see my writing has now improved (well I think it has!) Cool design, not quite sure what has happened to the T-Shirt, don't remember seeing it for a while, must investigate!