Monday, 8 March 2010

Fungus Among Us - A Spongebob Squarepants Episode Review

Fungus Among Us is a slightly horror themed episode in Season 5 of Spongebob Squarepants. Can you tell my mind has gone blank as to what to write for the days post? Heh.

Spongebob finds his pet snail Gary eating some weird green fungus growing on his bedroom floor. After admonishing Gary Spongebob tried to clean up the goo. In doing so he accidently gets some on his head. Patrick visiting notices this and informs Spongebob before fleeing in terror from the 'Ick'. The green goo is itchy and attempts by Spongebob to remove it only result in it growing and covering more and more of him. After Squidward sees Spongebob the militery are called in. Spongebob is captured by a biohazard containment team and put in isolation, but Squidward has been infected by the green goo. At the Crusty Crab Squidward ends up contaminating Mr Crabs, as well as the many customers. With everyone infected anger rises, the crowd want someone to pay for the infection. Then Spongebob appears in a portable oxygen bubble. Finally before any lasting damage is done it is discovered that Gary can safely eat the green ick, problem solved.

This episode had a contagion outbreak feel to it, the way the infection spreads, most shown through the disgusting cooking montage is similer to real life viral outbreaks. The episode was quite disgusting with everyone scratching away at the green ick.

What more can I say? A contagion episode, and contagion is in a similar genre to Zombie outbreaks prehaps?

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