Thursday, 25 February 2010

Xtro 3 - Film Review

Xtro 3 is a sequel in name only to the previous 2 films in the series. It is a sci-fi horror set on a deserted jungle island.

A small squad of idiot soldiers are dispatched to an army owned island to do recon as part of a training excercise (or so they are led to believe). The island appears deserted, having been unoccupied since the 1950's. A laboratory the soldiers find is encased in concrete. Blowing it open they unwittingly unleash a couple of lethal insane Aliens who start to slaughter the soldiers one by one. The survivors must try to escape the island, though it seems the Army does not want that to happen...

I quite enjoyed this film, enjoyed it enough to track it down on DVD. The film takes place in the recent past, bookended at the start and end by a survivor of the incident who is relating the tale to a skeptical journalist. The plot is simple, yet effective, the motivations for the Aliens are quite interesting.

The Aliens resemble half spider half Grey (traditional 'real' Alien). They spin sticky, acidic webs. Thier victims are operated on in the same way the Aliens originally were (footage is discovered on the island which shows the Aliens backstory). They look good, and are genuinly creepy, as they just seem so unconcerned about the violence they inflict as if the humans mean absolutly nothing to them. The humans are mostly irritating, they are supposed to be, being the Armies rejects, and gradually some of the soldiers do develop into more likeable characters as the events unfold.

This is a neat little sci-fi horror, recommended viewing even if at times it does feel a little too cheaply made.

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