Wednesday, 17 February 2010

X-Men Origins - Wolverine = My Review of the Game

I havn't seen the film this was based on, I do wanna see it. As such I don't know if it is a copy of the film, or original. The problem with Wolverine in films is that he is a man with giant claws, and yet as the films are made to appeal to kids he never does anything interesting with them. Thank god it's different here.

The game takes place in 2 different time periods. One is set in Africa, Wolverine and his mutant Commando buddies are fighting bad men in Jungle ruins. The other is set 30 years in modern day. In this one Wolverine is being hunted by the Army, and must escape and infiltrate thier bases. The story went a bit over my head to be honest, I got confused with characters etc.

The game is a 3d brawler with slight platform sections, reminded me a bit of God of War. It is a very violent game, a very very violent game, lol. This is due to Wolverines amazing Adamantium claws. With these you can slice off enemies limbs, heads, as well as just stick em through the enemies. You have a real cool lunge ability that lets you spring across the stage onto any enemy in sight, very cool and empowering. The enemies are kinda varied. As well as soldiers you get to fight other mutants, robots, and Guerilla fighters. There is a reucurring boss fight with a stone golem, these are too numourous and become boring as Hell, other boss battles are ace though.

Famous Marvel characters do make an appearance, such as Sabretooth, Gambit and Deadeye. Also an iconic sentinal makies an appearance as a very exciting boss fight (what with the Sentinal being 100 feet tall). Other memorable scenes include a fight with 3 Helicopters that takes place in free fall, and a pursuit though a casino under attack by the military.

The locations are ok, but drag on far too long in places. The first military base is almost obscenly large and takes forever to get though. The Africa mission all takes place in the same Jungle ruins so gets samey. The levels and characters do look fantastic though.

The game is very violent, quite monotonous in places, but well made. Prehaps a good companion piece to the films?

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