Monday, 18 January 2010

Why X-Box Live sucks

As of 11pm last night I have quit playing games online. I had such a bad experiance by utter retards that I refuse to ever go online with strangers again. As I have no friends who play online that means that no more online gaming for me.

It is unfortunate that X-Box Live is built to cater for scum. Immature little boys who see hurling abuse at strangers as the very height of humour. They are pathetic people, and would be doing the world a favour if they were to kill themselves and thier friends. It's a shame that the average X-Box Live gamer seems to belong to this class of chav, and they really do ruin the experiance for others.

If you belong to this class of person then you should be ashamed you fucktard, but I doubt anyone intelligent enough to be able to read falls into that catagory.

It is a real shame as I can almost taste the potential of online gaming, and am envious of all those who have friends and are able to play ganes online with them. Some people have issues and don't appreciated being mercilessly abused for no reason whatsoever by completly horrendous strangers.

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