Friday, 22 January 2010

Twin Blades (2009) - Zombie Horror Videogame Review (X-Box Indie)

By all accounts there seems nothing special with this indie game. The title 'Twin Blades' conjours up images of fighting, and the ultra cartoony artwork shows nothing. But this is a Zombie fighting game! It has lots and lots and lots of Zombies in it!

The game is a 2d side scrolling beat em up. You play as a Nun in a medieval fantasy world armed with a giant Scythe and various hand guns. Each level (called Day) is set in 3 areas - a Marketplace, a Church, and Town outskirts. As the Nun you must fight your way through hordes of the living dead from left ot right. Each level the number, and toughness of the zombies increases, and after each level you are able to upgrade the nuns weapons, health, and buy additional weapons (such as Uzi's and Flame Throwers). You need to survive 30 days of the living dead to beat the game.

The zombies come in several different types. As well as normal zombies you get zombies armed with knives, zombies wearing armour, and Skeletons, all in a wild assortment of various colours. The cartoony graphics look great, with massive characters (with slightly South-Park-esque animation to them), the enemies split apart in showers of blood, decapitations, and slicings in half. It is really quite addictive. Also the game is able to play custom music from your hard drive while you slay if you so wish which is cool.

I really need to start reviewing the zombie based indie games, as there are a ever increasing number of them. I would definitely recommend this, I think it was only 80 Microsoft points also.


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