Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Boy from Hell - Horror Film Review

The Boy from Hell is a misleading title in that the boy of the piece - Daniel is not from Hell. The blurb on the back of the box is also incorrect as it talks about events that were due to happen plot wise in the film as if they happened when they don't, but it is 80's horror, so that can be forgiven! By the way, no image exists online of this film so I had to make my own dramatic piece of artwork.

Daniel is taken to a college evaluation dorm house by his mother near his 18th Birthday as she is terrified that Daniel's Dad who left them when he was a child is to return and kidnap Daniel. She hopes with Daniel being there his father will not be able to locate him. Unfortunately for her, her plan fails as she keeps the letter of introduction with the dorms address on, so within minutes of the Father turning up at hers he is able to locate Daniel. When he meets his son he immediately possesses him. Soon anyone who treats Daniel bad ends up injured, or worse...

All the residents of the psychological evaluation dorm house are mentally disturbed, leading to lots of over acting, especially by the main male lead who has hilarious anger management issues. Not a lot really happens in the film, a few deaths which are entertaining, and some close ups of evil Daniel's eyes. There is a fantastic scene with a head Dr discovering Daniels possession though.

There are many faults and plot holes in the film also. During the films climax the most capable person to deal with possessed Daniel is inexplicably wandering around a house when all the action is happening in the basement with the other characters. At the films end the line "it's ok, Daniel's good now" is enough to satisfy everyones fears despite having no evidence at all to back that up.

What can I say? It's a cruddy 80's horror, but an entertaining one, worth a watch, just don't expect a good film.


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