Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Modern Warefare 2 - My impressions of the 'controversial' airport scene *SPOILERS!*

I picked up Modern Warfare 2 yesterday. Much hoo-har has been made of the scene in which you play an undercover C.I.A agent who as part of his cover has to help terrorists massacre an airport full of civilians. For me personally it wasn't all that. When the terrorists first started firing on the crowds I hesitated for about a second, then I joined in, spreading my gun fire out to kill as many people as possible. Cursing when I had to reload and civilians escaped my line of sight. Shooting injured and dying men and woman crawling around on the floor, or leaning against walls. Firing grenades at lines of riot police.

A day later I have thought about that scene more in depth. Firstly it is important as a story device, as that is the catalyst that leads to Americas invasion, sure it needn't have been an actual level, but cut scenes really are not Modern Warfare's thing. Thinking back I do feel bad at having so routinely killed all those innocents. I didn't do it gleefully at the time, it was just what I was expected to do, so I did it emotionless. It was easier to shoot at the airport security officers as they were actually armed and posed a threat. The second half of the level after all the civilians are dead or gone is easier as its you vs armed riot police, though it is still the good guys you are killing, and your still watching out for the terrorists. The twist at the end when you are killed by your gang was unexpected, but thinking back it would be weird to play further levels with this character knowing what he had done.

Overall though - it's just a game! It's part of a game, and has no bearing on reality, so yeah, who cares really?

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