Monday, 2 November 2009

Friday 13th:The Remake - Horror Film Review

My god this film is terrible! Not so bad it's good terrible, but just plain awful, boring, and utterly devoid of any new ideas. The Halloween remakes work as they are re-done in the messed up style of the excellent Rob Zombie. This remake though is boring, and shows no style, and is utterly generic.

The plot is the same as every other Friday 13th film. A group of young campers have gone to Crystal Lake, Jason turns up and kills them one by one, until he is stopped. In more detail though; the film starts with a black and white flashback showing Jason Vorhees mum having her head lopped off by a camper as a young Jason watches from the trees, then it flashes forward to 20 years later. This is different as in the originals that happened not long before the rest of the Friday 13th's. So 20 years later and Jason is running around killing campers (wearing a sack over his head like in Friday 13th Part II). Partway through the film he finds his infamous hockey mask. That's about it.

The characters are nearly all really unlikeable, which wouldn't be so bad if there deaths were entertaining, but mostly they are not. All the characters are killed really quickly, and boringly, usually just getting a machete stabbed through them. The film is surprisingly lacking in gore, and feels quite tame, there are a few topless females in the film. The actor who plays Sam in the great Supernatural series is in this, playing pretty much the same role, still he's about the best thing about the film.

What is annoying is how bland the film is, it is almost yawn inducing. Jason teleports around in unrealistic ways. For example, he is killing some male about 30 yards away from a house, literally less than 30 seconds later he's somehow managed to get on the roof of the house and is standing in a 'grr look at me' way, stupid. The twist ending would have been more of a twist ending if there hadn't been one, as you could see it coming a mile away (not spoiling much, a supposedly dead Jason springs out Crystal Lake to grab the survivor).

A poor film, not worth watching.


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