Monday, 26 October 2009

Horror Update on me

I just wanted an excuse to use the above picture to tell the truth, I think it's hilarious. But yes, horror update on me. Today at work someone who wished to legitimatly insult me actually called me a 'Zombie Freak' which I found kind of funny, especially as this came from a 40 year old man.

Nextly, saw Saw VI today. Review to come soon. It is Halloween soon! Should be a scream. Going to head down to Spooky Stroud to watch Horror films with my only friend (it's a hard life being undead) I shall somehow do an update on my Halloween.

Lastly, I fear my Hamster may be undead. Whenever he is in his ball he rolls up to any exposed flesh on my person and tries to bite it in vain. I guess that Trioxin water subsitute I've been giving it has had dire consequences.

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