Monday, 5 October 2009

The Fear 2: Halloween Night - Horror Film Review

I've never seen The Fear. I did a quick search on Wiki, but it's such a famous film that there isn't even a page for it. Though this sequel is a self contained one, it would have still been nice to find out what the plot for the original was (update: seems the first film took place in a psychiatric hospital.

Fear 2: Halloween Night is a ridiculously bad slasher. But despite the terrible acting, and awful effects the film is really quite entertaining, and inventive. Basically some guy is having a Halloween party with his best friends at his Grandparents house. He has told his friends all to dress up as their biggest fears. In actuality he is actually going to perform an Indian ritual to conquer the 'Fear' which has been in his family for generations and which leads to them becoming mass murderers. An ancient Indian wooden Mannequin nicknamed Marty is to be used in the ceremony. The effects for Marty are terrible, it is so blatantly a man in a rubber suit, rather than the wooden figure it is supposed to be. One scene early in the film the statue is visibly blinking in the background of a scene, which is just cringe worthy to watch.

The one good thing in the film is the deaths. Each character is killed in accordance to their biggest fears (which they conveniently find reason to naturally mention). The character scared of heights is flung out a upstairs window, the character scared of confined spaces is chopped up and stuffed in a cardboard box, the character scared of water has weights tied to him and chucked in a swimming pool etc. These deaths are entertaining and better than the usual boring deaths in slashers.

The film has massive plot holes everywhere, terrible acting, bizarre character reactions to situations, however it is darn entertaining, and well worth a watch.


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