Thursday, 22 October 2009

Dream of 21st October - Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombie Armageddon dream last night! I was reading Marvel Zombies before I went sleep, so I guess that is what it was influenced by.

Zombie Armageddon had happened. I was with a group of survivors in a house. The survivors were treating the whole thing as a party, eating, drinking, playing loud music. I was worried the zombies outside would be attracted to our noise. I got into the houses attic, and decided I would stay there. I moved food and water up there, I was joined by a couple of others, but the attic was quite small and dusty. A family on push bikes stopped outside the house to talk to the people inside, they drew attention from the zombies, but the house survivors didnt seem to care.

Then I was at a factory, still in use, so quite noisy. There was a big walkway were all the survivors were, it was really clean and clinical up there. One of the factory owners was explaining they had captured some zombies, they were trying to reform them to eat food rather than humans. The zombies were downstairs in the factory, but not restrained, so I didn't feel safe there.

Then there was something involving a ride on a rowing boat down a canal to a swimming pool which I dont recall.

Then I was in another house with a different group of survivors. Again I head into the attic. This attic is really posh, and has several rooms and a balcony, I feel I would be safe here. Out on the balcony I see the world has changed. I can see no zombies, but there are bikers driving around in the city, and gunships flying around. I learn that the zombies have all transformed, they are all docile now. A gunship lands on the balcony and a commander gets out, he informs us we are all slaves.

Then I'm at a fairground/market place. There are zombies doing simple jobs such as handing out balloons, and leaflets, thier owners praise them each time they do this. I'm still not entirely comfortable around the zombies, but the world is returning to normal.

That was the end of my weird Zombie Apocalypse dream.

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