Sunday, 23 August 2009

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End - Review

First off; the DVD I saw was a bit bust, and as a result I was forced to skip about 4 minutes of the film, highly annoying, but I will try to avoid it affecting my review.

Wrong Turn was basically 'The Hills Have Eyes' but set in woods. It was about a bunch of inbred mutated rednecks hunting some teens. Wrong Turn 2 was released straight to DVD. It's set 4 years after the first, and stars the musical legend Henry Rollins. A 'Survivor' style gameshow is being filmed in isolated woodland. 6 contestants are competing for a prize of $100,000. The show is hosted by Rollins (as an ex army man). Pretty much straight away everyone starts getting picked off by a family of inbred cannibal mutated rednecks. The producers really chose a lame place to hold the game show, being so near to the mutants home.

To tie the film to the first one is the surviving mutant from it, now reunited with another family. The origins of the mutation is briefly discussed, but mostly the film is scene after scene of bloody deaths.

The film is entertaining if a bit thin on plot. Being straight to DVD shows with an obviously lower budget. The special effects are mostly good, though the mutants all look quite identical, rather than the unique look each mutant had in the first film. The film is quite predictable, and features the usual teen stereotypes, though the deaths are mostly quite fun to watch.

Brain dead horror, but nice in a trashy kind of way.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I LOVED this movie. I'd even go as far as saying it's better that Wrong Turn 1 (and that has the Gorgeous Elisa Dushku in it!)

It was proper old-fashionned exploitation trash brought upto date. Awesome death scenes, daft plots and some stupid mutant killers. It even had some nudity for good measure.

I did lend this film to a mate of mine, who has since vowed never to watch any film that I watch ever again, but he is obviously mistaken. This was a quality movie, totally great fun.

Daniel Simmonds said...

I did quite enjoy it, reading it back I sound quite boring and bland, I need to get more excited in my writing! I wasn't a fan of the original, so yeah I think it's a better film. Elisa Dushku is definatly damn hot!