Monday, 20 July 2009

Yet another nightmare

I know it seems lazy of me lately to just be doing posts about the nightmares I've had, but they are legitimate, and so I feel they are of interest to horror enthusiasts. So without further ado here is what happened in my latest nightmare...

I was at my childhood home, I was being chased by a ferret sized centipede. It was transparent, and illuminous yellow. It kept spitting globs of acid goo at me. I ran upstairs and barricaded myself in a room. Eventually I opened the door to see the insect had vanished.

I went downstairs to the utility where there was a shower with the shower door closed. I undressed, and went to get in the shower. The floor of the shower was flooded with muddy, dirty water, there were quite a few rats sitting in this water....and then I awoke.

No zombies, but still kinda weird dream.

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