Thursday, 23 July 2009

Psychoville - A new Horror Comedy Series

Through word of mouth I have come to watch Psychoville, a black comedy series from half of the League of Gentlemen.

Each episode focus's on 5 different storylines. There's Mr Jelly the clown with a hook for a hand, David; a man obsessed with serial killers, a midget with telekinetic powers, a blind old toy collector, and a Nurse who thinks the doll she carries around is a real baby. In the first episode each of these characters is sent a letter saying only 'I know what you did'. As the series progresses it is learned that these seemingly unrelated characters share a dark past. I have only seen upto episode 5, but am dying to find out just what happened, and who the mysterious letter sender is.

The humour is even blacker than The League of Gentlemen, it feels a lot like the Christmas special of that. Among the actors there is Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton, and Dawn French.

I really cannot wait to see the remaining 2 episodes to see how the story pans out!

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