Tuesday, 7 July 2009

My Zombie Dream

For the first time in months I had a zombie dream. I used to have them a few times a week, so hope this is a return to form. This dream occured on 6th July.

As in all dreams this isn't exactually coherant.I was in a wooden shack on a cliff above a canal, the shack was near dark woods. I was Paris Hilton, and was with about 3 or 4 other people. They decided to head out, but I was too scared due to the zombies, so thought I would hide away in the shack. When the people leave I bolt the door shut behind them.

I am in dark woods, everywhere we look there are leathery, wrinkled zombies walking slowly about. We start running through them, and they are grabbing at us and surprising us, quite scary, thier eyes are so dead. We get back to the shack. A wall of the shack has been ripped off, and the entire shack is full of zombies, Paris Hilton has been ripped to pieces.

We get to some government/army installation with vast concrete corridoors, with lots of zombies stumbling about...

That's all I recall of my dream/nightmare, it was cool. Welcome back zombie dreams!

What it means... well here is my analysis. The woods featured as I can't go to zombiefest 2009 this year, zombiefest 2009 takes place in woods. I had watched a program earlier in the day where a Whale had been cut open, and its insides explored, I think the zombies relate to this. The government/army concrete base thing I think may have been influenced by Romeros Day of the Dead, and strangly also by the game 'Eternal Sonata' which I recently finished.

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